These streets are our streets

I’ll make this short n sweet…

First – Thank you very much to all of you who turned out yesterday to defeat the sons and brothers of hate and prejudice. These people would come to our state and work to roll back all of the work and progress that has been made to bring the peoples of ND together and to celebrate the differences that we have but respect them nonetheless.

UnityND will continue to push forward to push these Nazi scum out of our rural areas, small towns, and cities – wherever they are found, we will be there to show them that the people of ND are one, that we are not a bunch of groups that they can come in and exploit minor differences and thus cause us to be blown away with the wind. No, we can and will withstand any hate-fueled wind with righteousness and the knowledge that for every minute we are working to get Nazis out of ND we are moving one step closer in making that a reality.

If saying a prayer for these hate filled bigots is your things, please pray a way, anything we can do to change the hearts of these people is one less aryan racist skinhead we have to face on the street. As we move forward and meet these Nazis where ever they pop up in ND, remember the streets of these towns belong to the citizens of the small towns, counties and the people of our state.

These streets are our streets and they will not ever be given up without a fight!

Thanks and take care one and all. UnityND!