My thoughts on Nazis

I was pondering the reasons why these Nazi guys hate so much, and I arrived at a probable hypothesis.

It seems they are all drawn from the lower socioeconomic strata, are too skinny or too pudgy, seem very uncomfortable in their skin, or are otherwise saddled with some sort of social disappointment.

I’m guessing all were bullied for their look, their social class, or other factors. As a result, they learned to hate. because they felt powerless or inadequate against those who belittled them, they decided to find someone to feel superiority over – minorities.

Because minorities are often saddled with the many of the same issues (i.e. socioeconomic distress, etc) that they are, they focus on these new scapegoats as a way to assuage their own feelings of inferiority and rant about their “superiority” over them.

It’s rather sick and very sad really. I feel bad for guys like Kynan Dutton. His life must suck quite a little bit for him to be so angry.