Supremacists travel to N.D. town to back man’s dream of white enclave

From the Star Tribune

LEITH, N.D. — Members of a white supremacist group plan to visit the small North Dakota town of Leith in support of a man who’s been buying up property there in hopes of developing a white enclave.

The National Socialist Movement planned a town hall meeting Sunday afternoon. Leader Jeff Schoep says in a statement that the trip is “a gesture of goodwill, as we plant the seeds of national socialism in North Dakota.” He says the group wants to support Craig Cobb and ensure Cobb isn’t driven out of the community.

There are plenty of people who dislike the white supremacists’ plans — and not just people who live in Leith. A group called UnityND plans to form a caravan in Bismarck and drive down to Leith to protest Schoep’s group.