Protesters in North Dakota rally against white nationalists

From Al Jazeera America

Protesters traveled to the town of Leith, North Dakota yesterday to air their grievances against white nationalists trying to turn the town of 24 into an “all-white enclave.” The demonstration group, UnityND, was formed in response to current resident Craig Cobb’s plans to change the racial makeup of the city.

In an attempt to gain control of local government through elections, Cobb (pictured below) has been buying vacant lots throughout the city and encouraging other “like-minded” people to join him in Leith. According to reports, Cobb has already transferred property to a former Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan and another to the proprietor of a white nationalist website. Cobb’s supporters and members of UnityND came to a head during a scheduled neo-Nazi press conference held at the town’s City Hall.

Those who attended the demonstrations used social media to share what they saw and heard.