Native American peacekeepers urged to protect Leith, ND, from white supremacists

From the Narcosphere

LEITH, North Dakota — Native American peacekeepers defended the Treaty Territory and the local community of Leith on Sunday, as neo-Nazi white supremacists arrived with plans to take over the town.

During a powerful rally led by Lakotas and Dakotas from Standing Rock Indian Nation and Last Real Indians, Native Americans voiced opposition to the National Socialist Movement.

A Dakota grandmother told them that Native people were ready to rid the town of “Nazis like you.”

“The grandmothers will stand up to you! The mothers will take you on!”

Chase Iron Eyes, Standing Rock Lakota of Last Real Indians, told them, “You’re 30 miles from our border. If you think we’re going to let you come into our territory and affect our children, you’ve got another thing coming. What you see here are the mouthpieces. The warriors aren’t even here. You have come here thinking we are going to react out of fear, but we won’t do that. We are Dakota and Lakota people.”

“You are a dying cause.”

During the town hall, after playing bagpipes, white supremacists played the role of victims, while making it clear they were there to take over the town.

Earlier, the Last Real Indians, comprised of Native American journalists, sent out a message, which was shared 315 times in 40 minutes on Facebook on Saturday night, urging Natives to rally with them at Leith.