Here’s You’re Chance To Give Cobb A Piece Of Your Mind

So it seems according to White Nationalists websites poor Mr. Cobb hasn’t received a single letter of support from his WN brethren while in jail. Here is your perfect chance to let Cobb know exactly what you think of him (Kynan Dutton can be reached at the same address by just changing his name). We literally have a captive audience so let him have it!

 Here’s his address:

Craig Cobb

Mercer County Jail

PO Box 39,

Stanton,ND 58571

  • He knows how to use a phone.

    • Lindow Man

      Yes, but he’s been complaining that he has received no letters on the WN websites. Just passing the info along in case people want to reach out to him with whatever is on their minds. Plus he needs phone cards to use the phone, Much more expensive then getting letters in th email which costs him nothing.

      • I know he uses the phone for now. Everyone is waiting to see what comes of this before wasting time writing or reading letters. I doubt he will read any letters from people he does not know or are a distraction at this point. So attempting to give him, “A piece of your mind” is a total waste of time until after court.

        • Lindow Man

          Reading your posts are a waste of time, but I do it anyway so you never know. Besides he’s such an ego maniac that I doubt he could resist anything related to himself.