Daily Journal: Leith Celebrates History and Return to Normalcy

LEITH, North Dakota — Residents of the small North Dakota town of Leith spent the weekend celebrating their history and a return to normalcy.

The community held a 105th anniversary bash on Saturday and Sunday — an event that also served as an opportunity for residents — past and present — to put some of the town’s recent upheaval behind them.

Leith spent about 10 months battling with white supremacist Craig Cobb, who tried unsuccessfully to take over the town and turn it into an all-white enclave. He is now on probation for terrorizing and menacing, and he lives about 200 miles away in Sherwood.

“It’s the end of a long year,” Mayor Ryan Schock told The Bismarck Tribune (http://bit.ly/UkbsI5 ).

Leith officials put an American flag in front of the house where Cobb once lived.

“It’s so nice to see the American flag flying rather than the swastika,” resident Pat Hauge said.

Bobby Harper, who is black, and his wife, Sherrill, were neighbors to Cobb.

“It’s taken a toll on all of us, but today I feel so happy and proud of Leith,” Sherrill Harper said as she watched a parade on the town’s main street.