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Idaho town, once a Nazi enclave, reaches out to Leith, ND

  The Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations was founded in 1981 as a response group against the harassment and criminal activities of the Aryan white supremacy movement located north of Hayden Lake, a community in Kootenai County, Idaho. The Task Force has been instrumental in directing the passage of major Idaho legislation giving the […]

These streets are our streets

I’ll make this short n sweet… First – Thank you very much to all of you who turned out yesterday to defeat the sons and brothers of hate and prejudice. These people would come to our state and work to roll back all of the work and progress that has been made to bring the […]

More than 300 protest white supremacist in Leith, N.D.

From the Grand Forks Herald More than 300 protesters marched up this small towns gravel road Sunday, chanting and carrying signs to rally against a visit by a leader of a white nationalist group and efforts to turn the town of 16 into an all-white enclave. As they walked, more than 20 white nationalist-related flags […]

Neo-Nazis Try to Take Over Leith, ND; Hundreds Protest

From Indian Country Today By mid-afternoon on Sunday, September 22,Last Real Indians, reported on its Facebook page, “White supremacists have raised their flag over the town of Leith, ND.” The news came as hundreds of Native Americans and others flocked to the tiny North Dakota town of Leith, population 24, to protest a group of […]

White supremacist town showdown in Leith, N.D.

From ABC Chicago The people of Leith, North Dakota, hoped for a peaceful Sunday night after hundreds came to protest the arrival of white supremacists in the tiny western north Dakota town.   The big surprise today? A sea of law enforcement officers who locked down the town and stood between those yelling at each […]

Protesters in North Dakota rally against white nationalists

From Al Jazeera America Protesters traveled to the town of Leith, North Dakota yesterday to air their grievances against white nationalists trying to turn the town of 24 into an “all-white enclave.” The demonstration group, UnityND, was formed in response to current resident Craig Cobb’s plans to change the racial makeup of the city. In an attempt to gain control of local government through […]

Group Stands Against National Socialist Plans in North Dakota

(Leith, ND) On September 22, 2013, the North Dakota-based organization UnityND, a group that believes direct action and strong opposition are needed to combat those who seek to spread injustice, hatred, and divisiveness, staged a peaceful protest against groups trying to lay claim to Leith, North Dakota, a town of 16 about 70 miles southwest […]