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UnityND believes that direct action and strong opposition are needed to combat those who seek to spread injustice, hatred, and divisiveness. As citizens, it is our duty not just to bear witness, but to actively work to find solutions to the problems of racism, classism, sexism, and hate. We will strive to protect our communities and citizens with all resources available to us until our mission is achieved.

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UnityND is made possible by the hard work, dedication and love of the good people of North Dakota coming together to fight racism, sexism, intolerance and hate in our state. From our fist day of action in defense of the small town of Leith, ND, our group has grown and our mission expanded to combat those who seek to spread injustice, hatred, and divisiveness across our state and our nation. We are made powerful by the people of UnityND.
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Unity North Dakota

The sort of people who espouse white supremacy or incessantly spread aggressive racism are always under-achievers. Though subtle racism is pervasive across all classes, the most outspoken racists are always unsuccessful by any measure. Most have attended the "school of hard knocks", have trouble holding down even the most menial of jobs, and are perpetually angry at the unfair "system" that they perceive as heaping rewards on others while they languish. Successful white people may owe some of their success to being white because being white in America makes many things easier for you (that eternal boogyman of White Privilege), but they’re unlikely to attribute any of their success to being white. Instead, they are content to believe that their skin color gives them no advantages whatsoever, and many of them are some of the greatest champions for equality and fairness in our society. However, just being white isn’t enough to get by in America. It takes a measure of doggedness, cooperation with your fellow man, integration into the greater society, and a measure of tact: a lesson lost on the white supremacists. If you’re white and still one of life’s losers, it may seem to make some twisted sense to demonize a group of people in order to feel better about yourself and stew in your illogical fantasies of greatness. They will never learn that it takes more than hate and a false sense of superiority to succeed. This is why they fail. ...

6 hours ago

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Jan HobbsAmen! 2   ·  5 hours ago

Martha WiltonToo true! They can't become anything substantial in their own minds so they let misplaced hate overcome them.1   ·  5 hours ago

Unity North DakotaYep. Their curriculum vitae would not quite reach 1/2 a page.5 hours ago

Brad RemmeWell said, well said indeed.1   ·  5 hours ago

Nigel Swingsorry but wtf is this elitist garbage?1   ·  5 hours ago

Unity North DakotaNot elitist. Just explaining the obvious. Most WNs are huge failures who try to build themselves up by putting other races down.4   ·  5 hours ago

Carrie BooKinda with Nigel on this one, sorry. To peg all aggressive racists as "under-achievers" strikes me as naive. Not only that, but it implies a prejudice against under-achievers as a whole, whether you meant to imply such a thing or not. I would guess that you did not mean this, but the suggestion/prejudice is still there. It's a way to write them off: "these people are under-achieving, this reaffirms our beliefs about them". It's a way to underestimate them, separate them from you, and not have to think too hard about them. It does come off as elitist even when you say you're "just explaining the obvious", because there's really no point to doing so. What purpose does it serve to claim all racists are failures, and what purpose is there to imply that being a "failure" deserves being looked down upon? It is elitist. I could say "most handicapped people are underachievers", but what exactly would be the point of this? What defense is there for pointing out such a thing? Is this just a sly way of saying they have nothing good to offer the world, or that they're stupid? What is the point? Whether we like it or not, we cannot separate ourselves from racists. We can't put them in another box away from us and claim there are things that make them different from us. They're people who react to their environment and their own psychology and neurology. If we went through the same things a skinhead went through, WE would probably be skinheads too. You can't lose sight of that or you become what you're trying to fight.1   ·  3 hours ago

Unity North DakotaNo.3 hours ago

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